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AKDT 2020



Since 1962, our public utility foundation has welcomed interns of all ages, all levels and from all walks of life in boarding schools and day schools. This cohabitation is magic !

The AKDT brings amateurs, students, professionals, and above all passionate people together in a unique and friendly atmosphere giving free rein to creativity !

During workshops, concerts, conferences, shows and other evening activities open to the general public, moments of discovery, creation, meeting and sharing are born.


A rich place to learn a technique, prepare for an entrance exam in a higher art school, exchange know-how, progress in a discipline ... or simply just for fun !

Discover our program without further delay, offering nearly 200 training courses of one week or fifteen days in Music, Plastic Arts, Dance and World Music and Performing Arts.

Twenty courses are intended for children and adolescents: music, dance, theater, visual arts ... There is something for everyone. A team of animators will supervise the youngest children outside the school hours.


The AKDT is supported by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Wallonia-Brussels International, the Parliament of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the Provinces of Luxembourg, Hainaut and Brabant Wallon, the Communes of Neufchâteau and Libramont and thanks them.

Their support is essential to maintaining the artistic and educational quality of the courses.

We also thank all of our sponsors and valued partners.

Find all the details of the courses and practical information on our website.

Latest actualities

Conférence d'Yvonne Knevels

En complément de l’exposition Dialogue entre artisanat celte et oeuvres contemporaines (qui pour l’occasion est...

Initiation au shiatsu IOKAI

Du 6 au 8 novembre 2020, nous vous proposons une initiation au massage shiatsu IOKAI avec Madeleine Franken,...

L’AKDT et le Musée des Celtes exposent au Centre Culturel.

En 2015, l’AKDT proposait aux stagiaires de certaines disciplines d’exposer leurs œuvres, le temps d’un été, au Musée...

L'AKDT d'Élie Deworme

Élie Deworme est l’initiateur de l’AKDT et l’un des membres fondateurs avec Marcel Lambrechts. Âgé de 88 ans, il est...

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