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MAGNAN DanielCoordonnateur
My meeting with the Academy of Summer (AKDT) ? … It was at the beginning of the Seventies. Originating in Saint-Hubert, I saw being held the internships during the vacancies. In 75-76, I followed a formation of presenter to the Institute of the Executives of Youth of the Province of Luxembourg (ICJ). At the beginning of 1977, Andrè Luzot, director of the ICJ inform me that the International Academy of Summer of Luxembourg (AKDT) sought somebody to deal with about forty people, at the time one weekend, in Mirwart. It was my first contact with the Academy of Summer, the trainees, the advisors and the professors.
Another weekend followed and, on May 5th, 1977, I was engaged for one 8 months period… Then at unlimited duration…
I initially carried out tasks of secretariat then am occupied for me practical preparation of the internships in Visual arts. I dealt with the design of the promotional supports and their impression. Many displacements of Verviers with Turned to go to seek the hardware requirement with the good performance of the internships in the artists and in academies. I was especially a man of ground before being confined with more administrative tasks.
Since 2008, I ensure with the President and the Managing director management day labourer of the Foundation of Public utility.
DE WINTER IngeSecrétaire
Gestion des stages de Neufchâteau et de Libramont Attachée de presse Gestion du site en néerlandais et englais
Born in Wilrijk 1966 and resident in Freux - Libramont.
I worked 10 years in the Arts centre “De Moelie” of the VZW of Rand in Linkebeek.  From 2000 I moved in Wallonia and solicited successfully at the AKDT ! Working since March 2001 in the AKDT and dealing with the management of the internships of Neufchâteau and Libramont - Also press agent and in charge each year of the translations off the website in Dutch and English.
Do not hesitate to ask me your questions in Dutch, English, French or Spanish for all information!

VERLAINE JustineChargée de projets

I'm working at the AKDT since March 2017.
I am convinced that artistic expression makes it possible to gather people, to wake up curiosity and to open in the world.
Graduate of a master degree in Sociocultural Animation and Further education with the IHECS of Brussels, I am charmed to be able to bind my passion for all styles of music to my vocation for best a way of living-together.

NICODEME PierreRégie et logistique
Pierre Nicodème – logistique (gestion de stock, transports…)
“Stock management, transport and coordination data sheets”
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