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Before filling in the registration form online

We advise you to read carefully the information below.

Warning !!! From now on, you will receive the confirmation of your registration within one month upon receipt of the registration form by AKDT.

Note for the trainees younger than 18 years oldIl est vivement conseillé de lire attentivement les Informations ci-dessous.

The Royale Académie Internationale d'Eté de Wallonie is not a "school" strictly speaking. Children younger than 14 will be monitored after courses hours. For the teens up to 14, the Royale Académie Internationale d'Eté de Wallonie counts on the responsibility of the trainees and on their capacity to take themselves in charge. The trainees commit themselves to respect rules. A serious non-respect allows the staff to exclude trainees.


a course and click on "Enroll". Register yourself with the registration form online after having ticked off the box "Accept". Then, continue your registration.

Fill in the form

Choose your kind of stay :
Boarding (accommodation in AKDT in full board). Non-resident (no accommodation in AKDT - with or without meal).

Fill in only one registration form per person and per course then click on "Send". You will receive from us an e-mail of validation of acceptance of your application. The final confirmation of your registration for a course will be sent by post within one month upon receipt of your e-mail.

Don't delay registration ; the number of participants is limited !

Two weeks before the beginning of the course, we will accept no more registration ; please, in this case, contact us.

Registration on the basis of a CV or a covering letter with a selection of the applications.

The confirmations for these specific courses will be done in the deadlines specified in the presentation of the course or at the latest one month before the beginning of the course. In case of a non-acceptance, only a refusal letter will be sent ; AKDT do not give any further explanations. Payment


A confirmation of your registration will be sent at the latest within a month upon receipt of your letter by AKDT. A bank transfer form with the amount of the course will be attached to this confirmation. If you chose boarding, the accommodation's amount will be added to the course's price on the same document. Only the payment of the course within 10 days will finally confirm your registration (use the communication written on the bank transfer ; it begins by : AKDT then some numbers separated by dashes "-"). The boarding will have to be paid at the latest a month before the beginning of the course in order to facilitate the welcome and to reduce its length. Finally, the welcome day, neither cheque nor credit card will be accepted. In case of non-payment of the COURSE within time limits, registration will be cancelled.


Please inform us as soon as possible for any cancellation (by post, fax, phone or e-mail). The letter must absolutely mention the reason of cancellation, the concerned course, the precise contact details and the account number for an eventual refund.

Methods of payment :
1. For any cancellation until ONE MONTH before the beginning of the course : an amount of 30 € won't be refund in any case (administrative charges).
2. For any cancellation within one month up to 2 weeks before the beginning of the course : we will refund the half of the course's price.
3. For any cancellation within 2 weeks before the training course : no refund possible.
4. Un départ prématuré du stage ne donne droit à aucun remboursement.
5. Les changements de stages en cours de semaine ne sont pas autorisés.

Annulation d’un stage par l’AKDT

Si, au plus tard, au jour de la clôture des inscriptions (30 jours avant le début d'un stage), il apparaît qu’un stage ne pourra avoir lieu, l’Académie communiquera cette décision par mail ou courrier postal aux stagiaires dans les 8 jours de la clôture des inscriptions.
Le remboursement d’un paiement déjà perçu pour ce stage, serait bien entendu effectué vers le compte donneur d’ordre en notre possession, dans sa totalité.


See descriptions of the courses.

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